Computer Crafts Inc.,

is a manufacturer of optical interconnect products for the computer and electronics industry throughout the world. Founded in 1957 in Paterson, New Jersey, USA. Initially the company served as subcontractor, supplying assembled and tested components for military and commercial electronic equipment. CCI-HQAs a result of delivering top quality products at competitive prices the company was able to add IBM, Digital, HP and many others to our list of steady customers.

By 1988 CCI had produced over one million cable assemblies for their OEM customers and was then urged by this customer base to enter the Fiber Optic interconnect market and CCI has continually produced a large variety of fiber jumpers, patch panels, connectors, custom trunks and much more at the highest quality since. In order to facilitate its ever growing global OEMs, Computer Crafts Hong Kong Ltd. (CCHK) was established in 1993. Situated not only in one of the Financial Center of the world, but also perfectly positioned next to the largest growing economy to facilitate Outsourcing and Logistics!

Since then, CCHK has developed into a leader in Quality Manufacturing accumulating experience over the last decade in all facets of supply chain management. Today Computer Crafts offers a wide variety of fiber optic interconnect products and development services. Products ranging from the standard Jumpers, couplers, racks, and enclosures to fully integrated cabling solutions and the latest lensed connector technologies.

Company Timeline

1957: Computer-Crafts Inc. Founded in New Jersey by John, Donald and Robert Harkins.
1963: Manufacturer of Fan Cords and Copper Fanouts.
1970: “BLACK BOX” Manufacturing for McDonnell Douglas, Boeing and NASA.
1980: Primary Supplier of Molded Power and Data Cables for the IBM PC Company.
1988: Entered “Fiber Optic Cable” Market with DEC Support.
1993: IBM Advanced Connectivity System Partner. (Extensive Training Courses)
1994: Qualified on IBM Trunk Systems (Endicott OLP)
1995: Purchased IBM OLP Lab qualification test equipment.
1999: Selected by IBM as a “Core” Supplier for both MT-RJ and LC Products.
2000: Qualified on IBM Direct Attach MTP Harnesses and Data Center cables.
2001: Chosen by Compaq as the Preferred Fiber Optic Cable Supplier.
2002: Qualified on IBM Parallel Optics MTP Product.
2004: Chosen by HP as the Preferred Fiber Optic Cable Supplier.
2005: Developed Round Micro-core / low skew MTP product Set (IBM Qualification).
2007: Chosen as the Primary supplier to CABLExpress for Trunks and Cabling.
2008: Developed and Qualified products/Processes for large Array MTP Connectors.
2009: Developed and Qualified products/Processes for the Prizm Ribbon Connector.
2010: Chosen as a Core supplier for IBM P-7 and Blue Gene Programs.
2012: Developed Round Prizm termination Process for large switch manufacturer.
2013: Co-developed with CABLExpress SM & MM Tap Module.