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LC Connector Never Stops Evolving

LC Connector is undoubtedly the most popular small form factor connector in the fiber optic industry and numerous adaptions have been made to the original design. LC Connector is now available in a variety of configurations, including subtle differences to the clip designs, boot sizes and styles, and connector materials, to more significant modifications such as reduced connector pitch (Mini‐ LC), security keyed housings (Secure/Keyed LC), and the Uniboot duplex design (Uniboot LC).


Reducing the Structured Cable Footprint

As part of our continual improvement initiative CCI has migrated from the standard Microcore® or Nanocore® loose tube style trunk cable to a new smaller sub-unitized cable design. Believe it or not this new 2mm sub-unitized design not only reduces the overall cable diameters as shown below but it  also performed better in many of the qualification tests due to its solid construction.