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Tap and Conversion Modules

High Density LC to MTP Cassettes and Tap Module Computer Crafts conversion module allows the user seamlessly transition to 40G network speeds and utilize all the existing fiber paths by converting two 12 fiber optical paths into three 8 fiber optical paths required for 40G multi-mode transceivers. These modules are designed to fit into our…

Racks – Cabinets – Brackets

Racks / Cabinets / Brackets Computer Crafts offers a variety of high quality racks, cabinets and Zero-U brackets to maximize your data center space while enhancing it’s neat and organized appearance. See Also: Enclosures Panels Cassettes and Tap and Conversion Modules Zero-U MTP Brackets with Couplers Zero-U LC Brackets with couplers and Shutters Zero-U MTP…

Pull Pod Solutions

Pull Pod Solutions Computer Crafts has designed proprietary trunk and structured cable pulling solutions to accommodate the continual reduction in cable profiles and furcation changes while maintaining exceptional pull strengths and providing the customer with removable and re-usable pulling solutions. • Single MPO termination 12-72 Ct. Bracket Mount. • Single MPO termination 12-72 Ct. complete…

Enclosures / Panels / Cassettes

Enclosures / Panels / Cassettes Computer Crafts enclosure offerings include the legacy patch panels and enclosures in 1U, 2U, and 4U heights, RSD series enclosures with a recessed sliding drawer and H-Series enclosures available in 1U, 4U, 6U, 10U (vertical and horizontal mounting configurations) and 12U allowing for physical emulation of any switch configuration so…

MT Harnesses – Hydras

MT Harnesses – Hydras Computer Crafts offers a wide variety of MT harness and Hydra assemblies designed to fit any enclosure size or breakout configuration. Our ability to customize these assemblies to meet your specific physical requirements as well as the best reliability and optical performance will ensure your projects success. There are many harnesses…

Structured Cabling / Trunks

Structured Cabling / Trunks Computer Crafts structured cabling has been engineered to provide ultra-low loss, high reliability, and the smallest foot print possible. Available with custom breakouts and lengths our pre-terminated plug and play cabling solution has been designed to reduce installation times, improve air flow for cooling, and enhance your ability to manage future…

Structured Cabling and Trunks

Structured Cabling / Trunks 48F MT Trunk 72 F LC Trunk with Enclosure MT – LC Trunk 72 fibe Trunk on reel with Pull Pod Skinny-Trunk Harnesses reduce cabling congestion

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