Cleaning Kits and Inspection Tools

Computer Crafts offers a complete selection of optical cleaning and inspection tools for connector enfaces, transceiver interfaces, coupler, and adaptor sleeves as well plug and play enclosure modules. CCI provides cleaning and inspection tools that achieve the safest and easiest cleaning and inspection solutions for all your fiber optic component needs including but not exclusive to the following:

Inspection Scopes and Probes

After many years of experience in enface and module interface inspection CCI is proud to offer what we consider one of the best set of versatile inspection tools currently available on the market. The EasyCheck inspection scopes provide one of the clearest images on the market with a robust and repeatable chuck interface for inspection of fiber optic endfaces while the EasyGet provides the same clarity and robustness for inspection of transceivers, couplers and enclosures. A vast variety of adapters allow for the inspection of a wide variety of interface including but not exclusive to the following:

1.25mm LC transceivers, connectors and enclosures.
2.5mm SC transceivers, connectors and enclosures.
MTRJ and MPO Transceivers, connectors and enclosures.

EasyGet Inspection Probe
Easycheck Inspection Scope

Optipop Cleaning Tool and Refills

The OPTIPOP and Polar Link tools are both cassette style hand held fiber optic connector cleaner systems that can be refilled for reducing cleaning costs. A densely woven micro-fiber cleaning fabric is used to remove harmful contaminates from the ferrule end faces and each roll of this fabric will provide 400X plus indexes or cleanings before a replacement is needed.The tools are available in three models to accommodate all single and array style connectors such as LC, MU, SC, FC, ST and MPO Male and Female ferrules.

Optipop Cleaning Tool and Refills
Polor Cleaning Tool

Cleaning Swabs and Cloths

Computer Crafts offers a variety of lint free cleaning pads and swabs for manual cleaning of optical endfaces, couplers and transceivers. These basic cleaning tools are ideal for the manufacturing, field and lab environments and are available in bulk quantities and as a cleaning kit.

Cleaning Swabs and Lint Free Pads
Assorted Cleaning Swabs
10 piece Cleaning Kit
10 Piece Cleaning Kit