Couplers and Adapters

Computer Crafts offers a wide variety of optical couplers and adapters used for coupling one jumper to another for extending the overall link length, patch panels and enclosures, as well as hybrids adapting from one connector style interface to another. Available as:

Escon to: Escon , ST, SC
SC Duplex to: SC, LC , FC, Escon
LC Duplex to: LC, Quad LC, MU, SC port
MU Duplex to: MU, LC
MTP 12-72 to: MTP ( Key-up to Key-up and Key-up to Key-down.) EMI as well.
MTRJ to: MTRJ, Shutter available.

LC – SC – ST Coupler and Adapters

Computer Crafts has a complete offering of simplex and duplex adapters and couplers equipped with zirconia sleeves for optimum coupling efficiency and minimal losses. These are available with a number of mounting features and panel sizes to accommodate most enclosure requirements.

LC Simplex and Duplex Couplers
SC Simplex and Duplex Couplers

Metal Couplers and Adapters

Computer Crafts offers simplex and duplex metal adapter and couplers with both Zirconia and PB sleeves in the following configurations:

Metal Panel Mount Couplers

High Density LC to MTP Cassettes and Tap Module

Computer Crafts maintains a stock of durable MTP® brand and MTRJ adapters that provide quick connection for up to 72 optical fibers. Numerous single port and ganged configurations are available for the MTP in a variety of colors and mounts. US Conec’s MTP brand adapters are fully compliant with IEC Standard 61754-7 and TIA 604-5 – Type MPO.

• One piece adapter design maximizes coupling strength while minimizing debris generation
• All adapters compatible with MTP Elite® brand connectors and standard grade MTP® brand connectors
• Available in black, aqua, beige, green, blue and gray
• Supplied with either one or two thermoplastic non-debris generating dust plugs
• Compatible with all US Conec MTP® brand connectors in fiber counts ranging from 4 to 72

MT – MPO and MTRJ Couplers

Configurable MT Couplers

Computer Crafts is proud to introduce a new MPO coupler product that allows the system designer or product engineer to customize and create their own MPO coupler layout to best fit their application without sheet metal and cutout considerations. This new product allows the engineer to gang, stack or angle the MPO connector array into any configuration required by the application with the highest density possible. Given the following configurable couplers currently available the design possibilities and scalability seem endless.

• Duplex and simplex Stack.
• Left and Right 60˚ angle.
• Top and Bottom 60˚ angle.

Configurable MT Couplers