LC Connector Never Stops Evolving

LC Connector is undoubtedly the most popular small form factor connector in the fiber optic industry and numerous adaptions have been made to the original design. LC Connector is now available in a variety of configurations, including subtle differences to the clip designs, boot sizes and styles, and connector materials, to more significant modifications such as reduced connector pitch (Mini‐ LC), security keyed housings (Secure/Keyed LC), and the Uniboot duplex design (Uniboot LC).


All these variations of the LC Connector have their niche applications and some represent significant market share especially the LC Uniboot connector who’s popularity has been steadily increasing across the industry despite it’s higher component cost. Although there are obvious advantages to the Uniboot connector design such as eliminating the zipcord tangle and reducing the routing space required by 50%, however one issue that has plagued the connector for years was the inability or difficulty of reversing connector polarity in the field. It appears this last hurdle has been resolved, CCI is currently in the process of qualifying a new LC Uniboot connector that allows the end user to easily reverse the duplex polarity by simply pulling the boot back and rotating each individual housing as shown below.


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