Prizm LightTurn

Computer Crafts has worked very closely with UsConec to reliably and consistently manufacture state of the art products using their lenses ferrule assemblies. Having built over 100K of the PRIZM® LightTurn® to MTP assemblies for IBM and other large OEM’s, Computer Crafts has established ourselves as a leader in this technology and are currently working toward certification on the new PRIZM® MT ferrules.

Prizm LightTurn Assemblies – Cables

Computer Crafts has developed a number of PRIZM® LightTurn® assemblies in conjunction with our customers and have proven the products reliability and performance. Designed as a miniature detachable connector for high speed board mounted parallel optic modules, the PRIZM® LightTurn® connector provides passive alignment and novel retention features allowing multiple re-matings perpendicular to the printed circuit board. The PRIZM® LightTurn®connector consists of a multi-fiber ferrule with a photonic turn TIR lens array accepting cleaved fibers with an accompanying connector housing. The termination is simple and low cost requiring no polishing of fibers and easy testing, yet providing excellent coupling to high bandwidth mini-parallel optic modules.

The use of the PRIZM® LightTurn® connector in combination with US Conec’s MTP® brand MPO style connector provides a significant increase in card edge port density compared to using SFP transceivers, conventional array transceivers, or parallel active optical cables on the card edge. The connector is suitable for use across multiple applications including telecom, datacom, and the emerging high speed computercom markets and is available in a number of configurations.

24 Fiber MTP to 2X Prizm Light Turn Connectors
24 Fiber 2X MTP to 2X Prizm Light Turn Shuffle Assembly
12 Fiber MTP to Prizm Light Turn Connecter on Ribbon Fiber
24 Fiber MTP to 2X Prizm Light Turn Connectors on Round Jacketed Fiber
48 Fiber MTP to 4X Prizm Light Turn Connectors on Skim Coated Ribbon Fiber