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OEM "One Stop Shop"

Computer Crafts Inc. (CCI) traditionally has been an OEM subcontract supplier. For more than 30 years, we have been the “name behind the label” for many products supplied by well known OEMs. IBM, HP, Compaq, DEC, Tandem, ADC  and the likes, have entrusted Computer Crafts for their Hub-Service, Drop-Ship, and Private Label programs.

Computer Crafts is part of the engine that makes the OEM’s Supply Chain Management operate smoothly.  We are the name behind the labels for some of the most worldwide recognized OEMs in the electronics and computer industry.

Whether it’s Private Label Part, Logistic Service, Lab Service, or Engineering Support, Computer Crafts is capable and equipped to provide the OEMs with the best solution with the most competitive cost structures.

Lab Services

Today, Computer Crafts is one of the few cable manufacturing companies that can offer full optical components evaluation services. Major OEMs have used our technical resources and lab services for their interconnect Design and development projects. Ours test results have helped the customers making the right choices in the materials decision making. Tests that we have performed for major OEMs are typically listed but not limited to the below:

• Connector/Cable Evaluation (Against Industries Standard)
• Connectors/Cable Performance & Reliability
• Components Qualification (Against OEM’s specification)
• Failure Analysis
• Connectors Mechanical Tolerance Study
• Design and Tool Development

Design and Tool Development

Computer Crafts’ strength is centered around its manufacturing capability. This capability is created by the most innovative group of tool designers and tool makers in our machine shop. Throughout the years, we have won projects after project because of their creativeness in solving customers design difficulties. From the simplest test fixtures to sophisticate plastic molds, Computer Crafts can offer its customers the full tool design and development service to complete their tasks.